Connected Truths is a typography-led campaign that uses the voices of the transgender community to combat negative stereotypes. Using posters, installations, and a website, Connected Truths seeks to connect the general public with the community on a personal level, using stories of transgender people interviewed from within our own community.
For each piece, the initial messages are bold, provocative statements that anyone can relate to, having all been through personal journeys. Over time, each piece goes through a transition brought on by natural causes or intentional user interaction, and new messages are revealed. These messages are ones that are more specific and intimate to the transgender community. Furthermore, all locations of the campaign are in public spaces where the audience cannot be predicted. The clean, serif typefaces used are intended to present a neutral viewpoint that suspends any preconceptions the viewer may hold, while the saturated colors are meant to be positive and uplifting. Overall, the Connected Truths lifts the voices of the transgender community in a campaign that presents an opportunity for scalability.
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